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The Studio

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The Studio

Galván Arquitectos is formed by a team of professionals with wide experience in the overall management of all kind of architectural and interior decoration projects. Its director and founder, the architect Francisco Martínez Galván, graduated from the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, moving to Marbella in 1998 to begin his professional career here.

The success and the high volume of projects, not only at a national scale but also international, allowed us to start our own independent architecture studio in 2003.

That was the moment when we finally took off, concentrating our efforts on creating projects that would satisfy 100% of our clients’ expectations on the functional and the emotional level. To achieve this, our maxims for work became quality, sensitivity, sustainability and the constant capacity to adapt, both to the specific needs of the project itself and to the demands and requirements that are a result of the continuous metamorphosis of the market. In order to achieve our objectives, we are aware of the vital need to evolve, undergo training and to have at our disposal the best technical and human resources.


The Team

Architect director: Francisco Martínez Galván
Architects: Ana López de Rego, Leticia Merino Infantes
External Architects: Marcelino Vidal
External technical architects: Joaquín García
3D: Zeta infografía
Administrative manager: Elena Moreno Gómez
Marketing department: Álvaro López López
Calculation of facilities: Tecnoclima
Calculation of structures: Cdc Ingenieros
Topography: Pedro J. Ortiz, GeoPropiedad.

Martínez Galván Arquitecto

Edf. Nereida . C/ Estébanez Calderón, 6. Local 10
29602 Marbella (Málaga)

T +34 952 859 870
M +34 679 979 48